Welcome to Sim Search LLC

We are a multi-vendor platform that allows you to sell your goods or services at a simple 12% commission on all products.

Welcome to SimSearch.com!

Here at SimSearch we are dedicated to creating a platform where simulator enthusiasts can buy and sell hardware like steering wheels, pedals, and even flight-sim gear. All of the owners of SimSearch are enthusiasts and wanted to create a website that contained everything one would need in one place to get started on their sim journey. We also want to give sim racing setup builders the opportunity to make the drivers that support them faster without giving up as much of a percentage. If you are builder that has been turned away from a lot of the major shops or want to start selling setups yourself but can’t afford creating a ecommerce website, we have your answer. One of our goals is to help small businesses expand their audience. If you craft button boxes, offer iRacing painting services, or even offer sim photography, there is a place for you on Simsearch!