This document establishes policy for the acceptable use of the platform. Sim Search LLC is dedicated to providing a safe place for sim enthusiats to buy and sell simulator related hardware and software. We seek to:

  1. Protect the confidentiality and integrity of electronic information and privacy of its users, to the extent required or allowed under federal and state law.
  2. Ensure the consumers and vendors have a path to reporting unacceptable behavior and promoting a safe platform that people can trust.

Acceptable use:

  1. Users are permitted to list products they own or have created themselves on
  2. Users are permitted to advertise products they are selling on on social media.
  3. Users are permitted and encouraged to report any unacceptable behavior to the Simsearch social media or support email([email protected])

Unacceptable use:

  1. Users must not give their username or password for their account to anyone.
  2. Users must not sell any stolen hardware or software. Specifically we prohibit the sale of another setup builder’s work and if it is proven that a vendor is doing this, they will be subject to removal from the platform.
  3. When a user sells a physical product they must update the buyer of any delays in shipping and provide tracking information.
  4. Users must not sell a product and purposely fail to deliver said product. If this type of behavior is reported, the seller will be removed from the platform.
  5. Vendors are not permitted to use a buyer’s information in any malicious way.