Frequent Asked Questions

We understand that it is difficult to stop scammers from buying another setup providers product but we are committed to figuring out new ways to curb this problem. We want every setup provider to feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or our support email([email protected])

If you are able to prove that a vendor on Simsearch bought your setup pack for the current track and car combo and is selling a setup for the same combo, we will take action by removing that vendor from our platform. It is hard to prove that the setup being sold is the same but we believe that a vendor should not sell a setup that they are not actually competing with. We have a zero tolerance stance on setup stealing.

Shipping is the responsibility of the seller. We recommend using Paypal shipping because it is easy to use. Make sure to keep the buyer updated with tracking information for whatever shipping service you use. When coming up with your product price, include what it will cost for shipping.