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Our Visual Flag System Standard Package. Price includes shipping.

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This is our NEW IracingIflag Visual Flag System release on 09-03-21 You will get:

One (1) IracingIflag System Velcro strip to help secure your system.

IracingIflag Rig Sticker 60 Day Warranty Each and every box is tested before we send them out.

Please note : If we do not have the color in stock, this could add extra time to your order because we will need to order the supplies.

If you want to upgrade to the Signal Top or Lens Cover, you can do so at check out but you can only pick one.

If you are going to use the Sim Racing Studio Software, please let us know because we will need to load the right Firmware on to the Visual Flag System. You can check out the software, it will tell you about the software and how you can get your copy (HERE)

Shipping will be more if shipped out of the US. The fixed shipping cost is for US customers only. We will send customers who order outside of the US the shipping cost and you can pay the rest via Paypal. Does not come with USB cord, For orders shipped outside of the US.

Please make sure you read and understand the “Shipping and Returns” section on the main page BEFORE you order.

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Black, Blue, Grey, Orange, Yellow

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Home of the Visual Flag System for Sim Racing.

We make Visual Flag System for sim racers, our Flag system is 4 1/2 x 4 inch, 64 bright LED’s that make it the best flag system on the market today.

Over 30 visual alerts from letting you know when flags come out, if you are coming down the pits to0 fast, if your car needs repaired, and other events that happen on the track, your Visual Flag System will let you know. Also comes with the Spotter Effects that will let you know when you have a car on the let or right of you.

We put 70% of what we make back in the to the sim racing community by sponsoring races, events, and charity events.

You can learn more about us at

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You have 5 days to test the product starting on the delivery date. If you do not like our product, send it back and you will be refunded the cost of the product.

NOTEShipping/Handling costs will not be refunded. If your return is outside the 30 days, please see above statements under “GUARANETEE”.



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